Good vision starts with good decisions.

See your optometrist regularly to ensure good vision and eye health.

Since some eye diseases only show symptoms when advanced and difficult to impossible to treat; early diagnosis is essential to preventing vision loss.

To protect your eyes, make good decisions like sitting five-times the width of your TV away from it while watching. Take a 20 second break every 20 minutes when using your computer and focus on something at least 20 feet away.

Always wear protective eyewear when using tools and make sure your children wear sunglasses outside as they’re more susceptible to UV rays.

Newfoundland Vision Services

We provide expert eye health and leading prescription safety eyewear to industries as diverse as forestry and IT, offering comprehensive eye examinations, professional consultation and individually tailored programs to help employees work safely and effectively. Through comprehensive eye health services, such as visual field assessments and vision training, your Doctor of Optometry can detect, manage and treat conditions such as job-related eyestrain, age-related vision change and disease.

Healthy eyes, healthy employees

Safety eyewear should be worn whenever there is a risk of injury to the eyes due to impact, heat, chemical, dust or optical radiation hazards. Does your occupational health and safety program include prescription eyewear for your employees?

Thier eye health and safety is essential to their personal wellness and success. Newfoundland Vision Services provides safety eyewear to employees throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.

Why is vision coverage important?

Healthy vision and health go together. An undetected vision problem can affect your work. Vision coverage helps ensure the full range of your health needs is being addressed.

What should a vision plan cover?

Many vision plans only cover the cost of eyeglasses. Unfortunately, quality eye care is about much more than glasses. A vision plan that also covers the cost of annual optometric visits, and such comprehensive eye care services as visual field assessments and vision training will ensure your total eye health is covered.

What can you do?

Employers and benefits manager who are interested in the benefits of comprehensive vision coverage should contact the NLAO to learn more about the full range of services optometrists can provide.

How it works

Employees receive an order form from their employers which they take to an NLAO member of their choice. Eye examinations are performed by optometrists who in turn prescribe safety eye wear and send the order of to Aero Canada (Mississauga, Ont.). Aero forwards the eye wear to the optometrist who in turn dispenses it to the patient/employee.

Aearo Canada invoices NVS for the eye wear and NVS in turn invoices the participating employers. Upon receipt of payment from the employer, NVS pays optometrists the amount owing them for fitting fees and pays Aearo Canada for the cost of the eye wear.

The arrangement between NVS and the employers includes an agreed rate for fitting fees and a price list for the eye wear.

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